About Us

This club is for the '83-'97 Ford Thunderbirds, Mercury Cougars & Mark 7 & 8. The EEC Fords. You know, the Fords that are run by electronic engine computer management systems. Rather it's a base 3.8 V6, a Turbo 4, Sup'd V6 or hot rod V8...welcome!

So why ANOTHER club? Easy. You already know, if you own a Mustang, Focus, or F-series truck you have more performance options than you can shake a close ratio, leather wrapped, 5 speed stick at!! You're swamped with literature & suggestions on what & how to modify it.

But should you be one of the more discerning FoMoCo clientele owning an '83-'97 T-Bird/Cougar/Lincoln Mark 7-8 series... well... you're just S.O.L!!

The intent of this club is to help us NJ Tri State area Fox Body and MN12 enthusiasts help ourselves. Everything that you can find to make a 'Stang or Focus one mean mutha-(shut your exhaust!) is going to be available RIGHT here for our cars.

It all started on the Super Coupe Club of America (SCCoA). Never had their been a local New Jersey chapter on the SCCoA. The interest in such a chapter seemed to be growing, so it was founded. The Super Coupe Club of New Jersey (SCCoNJ) is what we were first known as. But there was a larger interest. We wanted to open the club up to all Thunderbirds and Cougars, not just the supercharged ones. So from that day, the New Jersey Thunderbird and Cougar Club was born.

We meet monthly in various parts throughout New Jersey. Any Thunderbird, Cougar, or Mark VII/VIII can join up with us. If you have a 1983 Fox Body T-Bird that you're restoring or a mint condition 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC, you're welcome to join. The only requirement is to have a passion for your car.

At the current time, most of our members are up in Northern NJ, but once word gets out about the NJTaCC, we're hoping to get people from all over the area (you guys in PA, DE, and NY are welcome to join up with us as well).
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