The only requirement for the club is that you own a 83-98 Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, or Lincoln Mark VII/VIII. There are no dues and we don't plan on requiring dues anytime soon.

We meet monthly in different parts of the state. There are also additional car shows and events that we attend that aren't official meets, but some of us go just to have a good time.

The fields in red are required for you to join. This information does not go outside the club. The only info that will appear on this website is your name, city, and what you drive.

First Name
Last Name
Address 2 (Apt, etc.)
State (2 letter code)
Phone Number
Phone 2 (cell, etc.)
Email Address
Car 1
Car 2

If you own more than two cars, list the others below.
Other info we should know

Currently this form does not work yet. It will be implemented soon. For now, simply email us and tell us all the above information in the email.

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