June 7, 2003
21st Annual All Thunderbird Show.

Everyone year up in homely Pompton Plains, New Jersey, the North Jersey Thunderbird Assoc. puts on an all Thunderbird show for, well, all Thunderbirds. From the classic 55 to the retro 2003, any and all T-Birds are welcomed, regardless of condition. This year, NJTaCC took home third place. Literally. All three of us got third becuase of the judging system they use. We also all won something in the giveaway. It was a good day for NJTaCC.

A clean 35th anniv.

A clean 40th anniv.

A very nice '97.

One of the many
LXs at the show.

It was nice to see
two LE's there.

The red LE.


Scott and Jim.

A nice closeup of Pat.

The goodies we won.
No, we didn't win Pat.

The awards we received.

Group shot.

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