November 16, 2003

Houlihan's seems to be our 'default' meet. Can't think of where to have a meet? Let's go to Houlihan's! Nothing wrong with that, however. It's a great place and great food. There was a great turnout, and we even had some ex-super coupe owners show up in their current cars (Taurus, Mustang, and Jetta.) After the dinner and after the smoke cleared, we were able to see everyone again. There was a minor mishap with the local 5-0 (they showed up after the display of power), but everyone had left the lot by the time they showed up. For future reference, let's only do that in parking lots in the middle of nowhere.

And I apologize immensely, but I accidentally deleted the group shot of all the cars. I thought it was a different picture on the media card which I had a duplicate of. So if anyone took a group shot with a digi camera, please email me the picture and I will get it up on the site.

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